Lenten Online Experience

Lenten Online Experience
(Edition 7 of 13)
ChurchLove – “Himself”  by Sharon White
Creator God, author of all that is and lover of all that you have made, deepen our awareness of your mighty acts past and present and your constant presence with us every moment of our existence. Invade our minds, senses, and hearts like a quiet sunrise, a refreshing rain, a beautiful bouquet, a commanding voice, a trusted companion, and a loving touch – because we want to know you and remember who you are with every breath we take.
By the power of your grace, transform us more and more until we become beautiful reflections of your presence and likeness in all that we do and are, as we offer all that we are and have to you in the name and spirit of Christ. Amen.
Prayer of Presence, John Wesley
40 Days with Wesley
What you worship as unknown, I now proclaim to you. God, who made the world and everything in it, is Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn’t live in temples made with human hands. Nor is God served by human hands, as though he needed something, since he is the one who gives life, breath and everything else. From one person, God created every human nation to live on the whole earth,having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands…In fact, God isn’t far away from any of us. In God we live, move and exist. As some of your own poets said,
“We are his offspring.”
Acts 17:23b-28
Throughout our Lenten Online Experience,
we will be following the 
Stations of the Cross,
which remember the events of the last
earthly day of Jesus’ life.
From Sorrow and Betrayal,
to Crucifixion and Resurrection,
immerse yourself in the scriptures,
as we walk the road that Jesus walked.
Seventh Reading, Station Seven:
Jesus Bears the Cross
John 19:6, 15-17
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