(Retired Older Men Eating Out)
Men are invited to come out, enjoy a great lunch together, and meet new friends. We get together on the fourth Thursday of the month to share a meal,  develop and enjoy new friendships.
July 26th we will be meeting at Two Cities Pizza in Mason
@ 11:30am.
Contact Mike Dial at
for more information
(Just Older Youth for “kids” age 50 and over)
We meet once a month on the second
Thursday for lunches and outings.
[pictures are from serving at Matthew 25]
Experience wonderful fellowship and the blessings that come from being in community with one another and serving the Lord together!
Contact  the church office  
for more information
 Step by Step
We meet Fridays at 9:00am on the Loveland Bike Trail
*walks are weather permitting*
 **We are taking a break for the Winter. Please join us when we start walking  together again  in the Spring!**
The Loveland Bike Trail is easy to walk, with no incline and shaded by trees. All paces and ages welcome. We break off in groups – slow, med, and fast walkers – so no one walks alone.
Contact Patti Miller at
for more information